Commitment To Life

“Commitment to Life” is the mission statement of Kyowa Hakko Kirin, created when the company was established in October 2008. The statement expresses the strong determination of each employee to devote themselves to saving the lives of all who are suffering from diseases through the development of new drugs.

Original Sentence

Commitment to Life

Countless precious lives surround us.
Brought into this world, blessed, raised with loving care
Full of dreams, happiness as the goal of life.
Deeply instill in us, and know that what we work for -
The most precious presence of all on this planet.
Infinite possibilities for us, a pharmaceutical company.
Believe in ourselves, believe in our power
Believe in what we have built together.

Not a large company, but with qualities like none other
History so unique we can be proud of,
Technology unmatched,
And superior human beings that cannot be found elsewhere.

Be brave; do not shy away from challenges.
Have passion; break away from the norm.
Innovation is not just about growth-
But instead a leap towards the future, a grand growth with wings.
Wings never to be given to those who settle for the status-quo.

Don't just make medicine.
Make people smile, bring light to their lives.

How strongly one longs to live.
How deeply one is loved by their loved ones.
How sincerely one desires to help the one life
they dedicate themselves to in the field of medicine.

Strive to become a superb team.
One human being, excellent or not
Is ever so powerless, as a power of one,
Mistakes, even a possibility.
Show the world the excellence of coming together
Amazing results, when we become one.

Stay receptive, sharpen your sensitivities
Let us become the top company in the world
who cares the most for life.

Strength is not what saves the world.
A caring heart is what the world calls for.

Be driven. Think of those fighting for their lives every day.
Their strong devotion to life speaks to our hearts.
Hurry - do not scurry, but we must not stand still.
Stay sincere, always - may that be our vow.

We make medicine.
This is, our walk of life.

Work, can bring happiness.
Remember this, always.

Born on this planet in various parts of the globe,
Passing through life in different ways,
And like a miracle we found one another
Our jobs, our team, our company.
Know this, and be fulfilled, always.

Be thankful of what you have,
Pour your heart and soul into the mission you were given,
Be proud of your work
The work to save precious lives.

We are, each and everyone of us, Kyowa Hakko Kirin.

Taking the walk of life, one life at a time.