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Below is a list of frequently asked questions about applying to work for Kyowa Kirin International plc.

If you feel that your questions have not been answered by the information below, don't hesitate to get in touch with our HR department: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Q - Can I apply without a work permit?

Generally, you must have the right to live and work in the region in which the job is based.  For certain highly specialised roles when all local employment sources have been exhausted Kyowa Kirin International may consider sponsorship.

Q - How often are vacancies updated on your website?

The website is updated when there is an open vacancy or a job has been filled.

Q - How will my performance be appraised?

Progress is monitored informally, in discussions with your manager, and more formally through our performance management system. This is an opportunity for you to set clear objectives for the forthcoming year and identify the skills and support you need.

Q - Is Kyowa Kirin International an equal opportunities employer?

Yes. Kyowa Kirin International is an equal opportunities employer and proud of it. All recruitment is based on the most appropriate person for the role.

Q - Is every vacancy shown on the website?

It is our aim for all vacancies for which we are sourcing candidates are shown on the website.

Q - What training and development does Kyowa Kirin International offer?

If your talents and ambitions lead you in a particular business direction, we will support you where we can. Development isn't just about attending courses. You will learn most by working on challenging projects with outstanding people. Our people tell us that there is no better training and development given than at Kyowa Kirin International. Our roles offer unparalleled breadth, depth and autonomy. At Kyowa Kirin International you actually learn and grow by doing.

Q - What will happen at an interview?

Kyowa Kirin International uses several interview styles including a competency interview. A competency interview focuses on abilities or attributes described in terms of skills and behaviours that are key to effective performance within a job.

Q - What will happen to my details when I apply online?

When you apply for a specific opportunity, our HR team will initially screen your application before forwarding it to the department concerned for consideration.  If you are unsuccessful and you would like Kyowa Kirin International to retain your information on file for any future opportunities please indicate this in your application.

Q - Who will be involved in the interview?

You may meet a number of Kyowa Kirin International people during the recruitment process. You would expect to meet your prospective manager and perhaps a variety of other appropriate members of our team. This will enable you to get a real flavour for Kyowa Kirin International.

Q - Will I be paid travel expenses if I am invited for an interview?

We will pay pre-agreed reasonable travel expenses.

Q - Will there be any other assessments?

We sometimes use an assessment centre, psychometric assessments, work samples and tests as part of our selection process. If we need you to undertake any of these we will let you know beforehand.